Our Process

Our inspectors are detail oriented and thorough. They are experienced and knowledgeable about new and used homes. Equipped with this experience and knowledge, they are able to rapidly identify any major and minor deficiencies in a home. Specialized tools, equipment and modern testing devices aid our inspectors in better determining the nature and extent of any problems they encounter.

Normally home inspections take 2-½  – 3-½ hours, depending upon the age and square footage of the home along with any additional items, such as a pool, to be inspected. Larger homes obviously have more area and often have more items needing inspection. Older homes have the potential – depending upon how well they have been maintained – for more issues requiring thorough investigation.

We like to have the prospective buyer at the inspection, if at all possible. If the buyer is not available for the entire inspection, the most important part of the inspection process for the buyer to attend is the last hour. During this time the inspector provides a final review of his findings related to the structural and mechanical components all detailed on a digital slide show. The inspector discusses in detail his findings and answers any questions or concerns you may have.


After 30 years inspecting homes in Houston, we’ve learned that one price does not fit all home inspections. Your price quote is based on the home’s size, age, foundation type and any additional items to be inspected, such as a pool, spa, sprinkler systems, and additional living quarters.  Some homes, townhomes, condo’s, or high-rise units can be inspected in 2 -1/2 hours, but larger or older homes often take well over 3 hours.

Once the on-site inspection is complete, your home inspector presents his findings to you in detail, accompanied by digital photo slide show presentation, and answers all your questions. After that, another 2 – 3 hours goes into completing a comprehensive type written report detailed to your home.

Aside from the inspector’s time, the value of the inspection and report can be measured by its usefulness. Identifying problems could end up saving you considerable money. Because of the significant expense of a home purchase, a home inspection is one of the best consumer protection services available.

A recent new home inspection identified a leak associated with the water feature attached to the pool. This leak had insidiously caused water damage that might not have surfaced for years – long after the home warranty would have expired. Identifying that one item saved the new homebuyer thousands of dollars – and a lot of aggravation down the road. Keep in mind that if the inspection turns up little wrong with the house, then you’ve bought some relatively inexpensive peace of mind.

A percentage of profits are donated to Wounded Warrior Project.

Our Commitment

Our Commitment is to be our industry’s best. We will achieve this goal by providing the highest quality service at a fair, competitive rate while maintaining a leadership role in areas of honesty and integrity.

Our Commitment is to do the best job for potential home buyers. We are hired by the buyer, we are paid by the buyer and inspection reports are designed for the buyer.  Inspection reports are not released to any other party without the buyer’s consent.

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