What is an Infrared Inspection?

Infrared InspectionAble Inspections utilizes the latest in home inspection equipment, including the T620 FLIR Infrared camera and ThermaCAM EX320 infrared camera. The T620 FLIR infrared camera, with 640 x 480 pixel array, provides 307,200 picture elements in each image – 4X the capability of our former infrared cameras. Our inspectors – trained by the Infrared Training Center and certified in Building Science with Level II certifications – combine this information with their thorough understanding of building construction to discover problems, not always obvious on the surface. Active water leakages can be spotted – even before they cause their telltale damage – and by identifying air duct leakages you can put an end to expensive cooling and heating leaks in the attic.

The T620 FLIR infrared camera and ThermaCAM EX320 infrared cameras have also uncovered hazardous, unhealthy, and substandard conditions, as well as energy losses to many buildings we have inspected.  The  T620 FLIR infrared camera also uncovers hidden problems such as:

  • Moisture and structural issues.
  • Heating and cooling losses with pinpoint accuracy.
  • Energy saving opportunities to building envelope and energy use efficiency.
  • Heat from overloaded electrical components, panels,and breakers.

Photos of Previous Inspections:

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