Used Home & Residential Property Inspections & Infrared Services

Used Home & Residential Property InspectionsUsed homes generally have been turned 2 to 5 times since its original construction phase.  A variety of homeowners have made repairs, alterations, remodeled and attempted projects that are not always contracted by a professional licensed contractor. As a result of age, normal wear and tear and a variety of repairs of the years it is critical a thorough detailed inspection be performed before purchase.

Finding an experienced and knowledgeable, professional building inspector is the most important decision you will make during your entire transaction of your purchase.  Saving a few dollars with a cheap inspection could cost you thousands of dollars down the road.  Pay a few extra dollars for a top notch inspector with experience. Failure to have quality, skilled and experienced professional building inspector can result in costly unseen repairs.  Know exactly what your getting into before you close the deal.

It is always helpful obtaining from the seller any and all documents on repairs to the home over the years they have occupied the property.  Many times repairs such as:

  • replacement of mechanical equipment
  • roof repairs or replacement
  • foundation repairs
  • underground plumbing issues
  • drain lines
  • flooding
  • water intrusion
  • previous termite infestation or any other type of wood destroying insect infestation issues

will have an extended warranty that can be transferred to the new homeowner.  It is always advisable to have warranties transferred as it will introduce you to the company who is familiar with the work done in the home. This can be very informative and may help you continue a relationship with the company in the future.

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