Infrared Cameras For Residential and Commercial Mold Detection

If you are planning on purchasing a home, office building or any other type of commercial or residential property, you know how critical it is to have a building inspector examine the property to make sure it is structurally sound and free of termites and other possible problems. It is also a good idea to have a Houston mold inspection services company check the building for any signs of mold that may go undetected with the naked eye.

Numerous health problems can be caused by chronic exposure to the mycotoxins found in mold. Some people are so sensitive that they suffer allergic reactions like anaphylactic shock if they inhale mold spores that are constantly circulated by the heating and air conditioning system. A very effective new tool being used to detect mold colonies during a Houston commercial property inspection is infrared thermography.

Infrared cameras can reveal moisture inside the walls that cannot be detected with any other method. These cameras generate photos that reveal and measure heat within and behind the walls, which is a tell-tale sign of mold production. Houston infrared inspection services can find mold colonies long before they can be seen or begin to create odors.

If you know that the building you are planning to purchase has a mold problem, you might decide to look at some other properties. Conversely, if you are selling a property, you must inform any prospective buyers that a mold problem has been detected. At that point, potential home buyers can decide if the problem is so great that they do not want to buy the building, or they may decide to proceed with their purchase and have a professional treat the problem.

A more time consuming and expensive way to find a mold infestation is to remove the drywall and visually inspect it. However, that method frequently fails to detect mold that is just beginning to colonize behind walls. The drywall that is removed will have to be replaced, which is another added cost that can be avoided by having an infrared inspection. Additionally, visual inspection is far less accurate at detecting mold.

Another way to find mold is to use dogs that have been trained to sniff out mold colonies. Their enhanced sense of smell enables them to pinpoint active mold infestations. Regardless of how the mold is discovered, air samples must be tested to determine the type and toxicity of the mold.

Most companies offer several types of infrared camera services. You can get high-resolution images, advanced image fusion and accurate temperature readings with thermographic cameras. Once you have an image, the photo can be analyzed with special software programs that will diagnose any problems and recommend solutions. This type of high-tech inspection can save a lot of time and find molds that would have been undetectable years ago. They can analyze large areas more quickly than traditional methods. The images can be used by homeowners who have suffered flood damage and are filing a claim for damages with their insurance agency. The photos can also tell you whether repairs to remove mold were performed properly.

Infrared camera technology can be used on its own or in concert with other mold detection methods. It can also find areas in a building that would have a tendency to develop mold. Due to the incredible advances in infrared technologies, mold detection is faster, more accurate and more thorough than it has ever been. Thermography adds another layer of protection for property buyers and owners. These advances in technology will help you avoid a bad decision and save you thousands of dollars in repairs.


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