Primary Components of a Houston Commercial Property Inspection

Commercial property inspections are designed to provide potential buyers with a snapshot of the current condition of apartment buildings, office complexes and other options in the commercial real estate marketplace. While the equipment and methodologies used may differ from company to company, the basic principles of the Houston commercial property inspection remain constant throughout the industry. Here are six of the most common areas covered in a standard commercial property inspection.

Foundation and Structural Evaluations

Most commercial inspection firms will take at least a cursory look at the foundation and the underlying structures of the properties under consideration. Companies that offer Houston infrared inspection services, however, can often provide accurate information regarding the presence of moisture in foundations, support beams and other components of large-scale commercial buildings. These advanced assessment techniques can also detect developing issues with roofs and siding to reduce unpleasant surprises after closing on commercial properties.

HVAC System Inspections

All elements of the heating and cooling systems in commercial buildings are checked carefully during the inspection process. In most cases, this includes an examination of existing ductwork and an evaluation of indoor air quality. Replacing air conditioning and heating units in commercial properties can constitute a significant expense; taking steps to ensure that these systems are in good working order can potentially save hundreds or thousands of dollars for buyers in the Houston commercial real estate market.

Energy Auditing

Infrared inspections can reveal leaks in the building perimeter that can increase the cost of operating commercial HVAC systems and can reduce comfort for tenants and guests. By opting for these inspection services, prospective buyers can lower the operating costs for their commercial properties and can promote a green-friendly environment in their local communities. While this is usually an optional procedure, it is highly recommended to ensure optimal energy efficiency for commercial properties.

Mechanical and Safety Inspections

Pipes and fixtures should be inspected for signs of wear and tear and adherence to local building codes. If issues are found, it may be possible to negotiate for a lower sale price for the properties in question. The electrical system of the building will also be examined to ensure that it is up to safety codes and that all wiring is operational. If elevators are present, they will be evaluated to ensure safe operation. Fire protection equipment will also be assessed at the time of the inspection.

Documentation Reviews

Commercial properties require extensive paperwork to maintain and operate. Some of the most important components of this documentation include the following:

  • Certificates of occupancy for residential properties
  • Phase I environmental site assessments for warehouses and other industrial areas
  • Maintenance records for the property
  • Any outstanding citations for failure to meet codes or protect safety

These comprehensive documentation reviews can sometimes reveal information that could significantly affect the actual value of the commercial property in the Houston real estate marketplace.

Identification of Potential Health Issues

Mold can represent a serious risk to respiratory health. Houston infrared inspection services can detect mold in walls, floors and ductwork and can provide expert guidance on the seriousness of the problem and the appropriate steps to remediate it. If the issue is widespread or severe, it could present serious risks to tenants and workers in these environments. Mold and contaminant inspections can help investors to avoid problem buildings and to make the right choices in the Houston real estate marketplace.

The comprehensive commercial inspection services provided by Able Inspections & Infrared Services can help you determine the real value of properties under consideration by your company. We employ state-of-the-art infrared equipment to perform energy audits and to detect developing issues with roofs, walls and foundations. Our experienced inspectors can provide you with the most accurate information and recommendations regarding your commercial acquisitions. Give us a call today at 713-465-0000 to discuss your property inspection needs or to schedule a consultation. At Able Inspections & Infrared Services, we are here to help you succeed in the commercial real estate investment industry.


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